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Acne Play is a small game studio situated in Stockholm, Sweden. With the happiest attitude we create wonderful games for smartphones. With our passion for art, design, game mechanics and gameplay, together with our background of game development, our desire is to bring further competition and quality to the market.

Every product from Acne Play is unique and developed completely from scratch with our own game engine and design tools.

Acne Play is the freshest addition to the Acne family.

My Little Hero

Helmet? On. Sword? Got it. Now find the Boogeyman – Pinky waits to be rescued!

Visually stunning with top-notch gameplay, this captivating tale unfolds when a boy’s best friend, Pinky, gets kidnapped by the evil Boogeyman. Track down the Boogeyman while venturing through the enchanting worlds of Dark Forests, Muddy Deserts, Mushy Swamps and the ultimate destination – the Boogeyman’s Nest. Solve puzzles, find treasures, and confront all the enemies of your childhood dreams in the hypnotizing beautiful world, just behind the doors of your bedroom closet.

“There are many titles out there that feels like iPhone games, but My Little Hero is not one of them. It has that shine that is evocative of games on a larger scale, and you'll notice it from the title screen and onward.” - 4/5
“…it's endearing and enjoyable enough to melt the heart of even the fiercest cynic.” - Silver Award
“This game is an absolute must buy for fans of adventure games, games suitable for children, or games that look spectacular. - 4/5
“…one of the most promising action/adventure titles to hit the App Store in some time.”
“…charming and nostalgic look into the iconic childhood hero fantasy.” - 3.5/5

Tips for a Hero:

  1. Search for hidden collectibles and defeat the boss enemies. Remember: there is always a solution to every problem.
  2. No enemy should be left behind: don’t be afraid to ruthlessly hack and slash for buttons. Hang on to your buttons, as you’ll need them!
  3. Feeling a little low on energy? There’s nothing that a little sugar can’t fix – including mending broken hearts.

  • 4 gorgeously crafted worlds (with more to come in future updates)
  • Upgradable armor and weapons, with additional items to discover
  • 31 individual hidden collectibles
  • Minimum Requirements: iOS 4.3.5 and up | Supports iPad 2 & the New iPad

Please save Pinky!

Pizza Boy

A thief has stolen the pizza present! Oh no! You are forced to chase it through levels filled with threats and dangers but to your advantage you can throw bottles of soda. Watch out for evil birds and furious dogs while you collect pizza slices and strawberries in a yummy mix. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for lost kittens on your way ahead. In miraculous surroundings Pizza Boy is a true game sensation. Hurry and get it back before it runs cold!
“Just plain oldschool fun.”
“A fantastic yesteryear game with all of the runnin’ and jumpin’ you could ask for on your iPhone.” - 8/10
“Pizza Boy's graphics are highly reminiscent of excellent platformers of the 16 bit era with some perfectly paired chiptune music to go along with them. Lovely pixel style!”
“Developer Acne Play has managed to craft remarkably near-perfect controls for their new game Pizza Boy.” - 3/4
“Feels like coming home to a classic.” - 4/5

Pizza Boy is constructed to give a retro game feeling to a highly modern technical device. It has a clean design and a logical structure, which makes it suitable both for everyday players and rookies. Get your iPhone's ready and we assure you total addiction!

Runs great on all iPhones and iPod touches including iPhone 2G and 3G and have iOS 4.0 multitask support. Supports both left and right landscape orientation.

Features new school retro graphics, “smart touch system”, Chiptunes and Electronica music, more than 40 different enemies, obstacles and items, collectibles and unlocks on all levels, offline, online, Facebook and Twitter highscores and of course epic boss fights.

Pizza Boy is a complete platform experience!


Comet is our first game and also the start of Acne Play. Blast your way through space as an unbelievable happy comet. Space is filled with treats and food for no apparent reason. Eat your way through space while dodging sharp asteroids, refrigerators and loads of other strange objects.

“A brand new kind of highscore game like no other.”
“Fast, entertaining, and most times frustrating but fun.”

Go into space and Comet will deliver you happy entertainment!